June 8, 2011


We are back from our trip to New Orleans. It was our third trip to NOLA in five years. We probably would not have gone this year but Hubby had a conference there (which meant his flight, meals and the hotel were paid for) so how could I not go? I mean, I wouldn't want him to have to go around NOLA alone...

This was a really low key trip. We walked the French Quarter, ate a lot of really good food, walked the quarter some more, I relaxed by the pool, Hubby went to his conference...it was a good time.

One day, while Hubby was enjoying a wonderful conference lecture, I walked down and toured the National World War II Museum. It is the only WWII museum that addresses all the amphibious invasions that took place during the war and is therefore located in NOLA as that is where Andrew Higgins built the landing crafts used during these invasions. The museum also features a 4D movie called Beyond all Boundaries which is a high level but very complete and personalized overview of the war from Pearl Harbor to V-J Day. The movie is narrated by Tom Hanks and also features the voices of Gary Sinise, Brad Pitt, Kevin Bacon, John Goodman, and many other A list actors. I would go back to the museum in a heart beat, it was a really great experience.

So now we are back and we have a day or two to work this week before the weekend gets here. Here is the only picture we took on our trip. I guess when you visit the same place more than once (or twice) (or three times) picture taking falls down on the list of priorities but that just means we had more time to enjoy the sites!

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  1. Sounds like a good trip. We may need to try the museum the next time we are in New Orleans.